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Well, it looks like Sharp has made enough progress to start up production of their IGZO LCD displays. The article mentions 10" notebook and 7" tablet displays. http://e.nikkei.com/e/fr/tnks/Nni20120413D13SS935.htm
I think the area where LG is going to see the biggest challenge is in their use of Oxide-TFT for the backplane. Sharp was supposed to use those for the iPad but missed the deadline due to low yields so we'll have to wait and see if LG can manage better execution. We'll have at least one idea of their confidence in their solution in the next few months. They are supposed to announce the timing and size of their plans for a commercial Gen 8 fab in the first half of this...
WOLED is just a different type of OLED. It is absolutely still an OLED display. Slacker
This is exactly what I think is happening. The launch dates usually have an unnamed company official attached to the rumor but the prices all come out of thin air. I think they all source back to the original WSJ article which quoted a DisplaySearch estimate of $8000. That number quickly became the conventional wisdom.Maybe LG and Samsung will hit that number, but the articles all seem like they are just part of the internet echo chamber.
There are a few details on LG's approach in the description of one of their SID talks. The 90 cd/A spec is pretty impressive. Worth noting that any papers on Samsung's OLED's are completely absent from SID (for the 2nd year in a row).https://www.sidmembers.org/ScriptCon...tSearchString=
Here is an article in English talking about LG possibly launching at Cannes (starting May 16th). http://people.incruit.com/news/newsv...&newsno=974001 This is definitely not official. There will be widespread coverage when LG puts out an official date and price for the launch. My WAG is that LG had some sort of event where officials may have talked off the record.
I cant vouch for the source, but somebody named Matthew Angeleri from CEC (should be SEC?) gives some details on Samsung's OLED launch. http://consumerelectronicsdaily.com/...-OLED-TVs.aspxHe later says that the set will be consistent with the price of the company's other high-end products. You need to register to read the full article but you can use a fake email address (no verification of the address). There are also a ton of details on various LCD launches which...
The first market will be the UK. I read a similar date for Samsung. Supposedly they are aiming for the beginning of the Olympic torch relay in the UK.
An analysis of the iPad display. The color gamut is pretty impressive but wow, the power consumption has gone through the roof. http://www.displaymate.com/iPad_ShootOut_1.htm
Supposedly the Apple has gone from a 7000mAH battery in the iPad2 to a 11,666 mAH battery in the iPad3. The battery life is basically the same so that gives a pretty good idea that the power consumption of the screen has gone up dramatically. I like the trend towards bigger batteries (seen also in the RAZR MAXX). Thinness is nice, but I'll take the extra battery life...especially when you are only talking about adding another mm or so.
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