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Thanks, I had thought that the EC9800 was the 4K line just at different sizes. I wonder if there are any differences beyond size that are the reason for the different model numbers.If LG has launched a 4K OLED in Korea, they have kept it pretty secret.
I did a rough calculation a while back and you can get at least 2 77" screens per substrate. It was just short of 3 which makes me wonder if I my calculation was off because it would make more sense to make a 75" screen and get 3 panels per substrate.My guess is that LG will show a 108" OLED at next year's CES as that is the largest size display you can build from a single Gen 8 substrate.
I am fairly sure that the new 4K model is the 55EC9800 and it has yet to be released/priced anywhere in the world.
I am saying that the 3 million Won price is for a 55" 4K LCD.
My assumption is that refers to a 55" 4K LCD.They are going to be aggressive with pricing but they arent going to hit sub-$3000 on the new 4K model at its debut.
The only other 2014 1080p model that LG Electronics has announced is the 55eb9600, which is curved. FWIW, while LG Display will be supplying all of the OLED panels for the forseeable future, there should be multiple vendors for the televisions themselves. Various Chinese vendors have already announced OLED televisions for 2014 and I have read that LGD may supply Sony and Panasonic as well though I dont know about the timing for that. I would assume that various models...
LG plans to aggressively cut prices for both OLED's and UHD's this year.http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/tech/2014/03/133_153150.html
I was about to write a response, but we dont live in the same world and I doubt anything I say will convince you.You are can either choose to believe that there is a little bit of leakage current in the backplane that is causing these "stuck" pixels or that LG Display is committing a massive consumer/investor fraud (they are listed in the US) for little apparent reason.
Displaymate found two stuck pixels using a magnifier. I would expect the number of problem pixels to decline as LG gets better at building the IGZO backplane.http://www.displaymate.com/LG_OLED_TV_ShootOut_1.htm
You think that there are LED's inside this TV? Really?
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