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How much are those increased brightness LCD's going to cost? or the 4K LCD's covering the rec 2020 color space? or local dimming? LCD's have managed to create a number of innovative ways to make up for their shortcomings but they all involve adding another layer of cost. I believe that vapour deposition based OLED's can compete on price in the high-end. If you switch to printable, you are going to bring prices down in the mainstream television market.Lifetime will...
Does anybody know whether the new LG UltraHD OLED's are going to support the Rec 2020 color space? A quick Google search doesnt pick up any info either way.
A printable OLED with good yields means we can start projecting the end of LCD's.
LG announced a 2nd generation 1080p set at CES. It is supposed to be a streamlined set with fewer components and lower power consumption.I cant guarantee that they'll launch it but I'm also not sure why their plans would have changed in the last month. I hope you are right though about LG's primary problems being with vapor deposition because I think that the quick move to 4K is likely going to be OLED's biggest obstacle.
CNET says that the current version of LG's 55" OLED will be on sale through mid-year. http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-6482_7-57618638/lg-slashes-curved-oled-tv-price-in-half/
The yields cited have to be a 2K number. The question is how much worse is the 4K number and that depends on what is driving the current 30% 2K failure rate. If it is primarily the IGZO backplane, then 4K is going to need a significant premium but if it is vapor deposition, then LG will be able to bring down the prices rapidly.Regardless though, I expect a big premium when the first 4K OLED's debut.
Chinese vendors are expecting to release 55" OLED televisions (panels from LG) by October. http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20140210PD208.html
It would be a pretty rare technology that would allow a company to create a decade long sustainable advantage purely through manufacturing prowess. Not impossible, but I would bet against it.LG certainly seems comfortable enough with their ability to manufacture RGB LTPS OLED's to push flexible displays.Samsung was showing two prototypes at their analyst day, with one folding out to the size of a phablet and the other to the size of a tablet. The touchscreen was...
I'd take the under on 200,000 units. The key question though is how many units they can move at $3500 flat screen version during Christmas 2015. That looks like a realistic price now.It would have been an absolute slam dunk before but 4K does complicate things. The OLED will likely have better reviews for image quality than any of the 4K sets but it is entirely possible that 4K will be a requirement for most high-end consumers by next year. I am not sure how much of a...
LG cuts the price of their 55" OLED from $8500 to $7000 in the US. http://www.amazon.com/LG-Electronics-55EA9800-Cinema-Curved/dp/B00E5U3YEK
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