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That of course assumes TWC raised rates for all its subs by $5. Bet that would make Angel fans happy! Also, you have to factor in both production costs as well as advertising revenue to really know how the economics are working out. It will be interesting to see what Directv does. So far it has held out on carrying the Pac-12 network.
I think just about everyone has you blocked.
Lol. I was thinking the same thing. I don't really bother to check the guide for the History Channel anymore. I'm not a fan of what that channel has become.
Not happy with it. I hate it when the good guys act really stupid as in leaving an ARMED guard in an interrogation room with a terrorist who is UNSHACKLED. Just ridiculous.
I too recommend that people not use the Mag instead of a DVR. While the Mag is useful to move copy protected content to another location (that's what I use it for), it is pretty poor for everyday viewing because of the lack of HD and only one tuner. If one doesn't want the monthly fees, go with TiVo. I have two TiVos plus a TiVo mini.
The only time I've watched CNN recently was when they showed the documentary "Blackfish". Maybe they should do a little more of that type programming.
The post wasn't well worded. He meant from the early days TO the 80s. I first read it like you did.
Shoulda said plasma even though this is a plasma thread. And, as you say, you only really want the Panny for the plasma, otherwise it's on to another brand.
I don't have much expertise, but this doesn't sound like a cable card issue. Sounds like something is going bad on the TV. All the symptoms, noises, flickering, etc. point to the TV. It's not a cable card issue if you experience the same problem off the DVR feed (not sure what DVR you have that operates independently). Or you could try a Comcast box for a trial to see if the TV works with a box rather than a cable card.TVs are so cheap these days, I would think that...
Thanks. I've used DVD shrink quite a bit ever since Kelson turned me onto it. I always wondered why it showed the title twice, but just shrugged it off as it seemed to work just fine.
New Posts  All Forums: