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Can anyone list the strengths and weaknesses of these 2 boxes? My dad got the coupons and will purchase a box pretty soon. Thank you very much P.S. It would be much appreciated if any one has both of these boxes and can compare them directly.
One last question. Does HD DVR have a 'subtitle' option available for news and tv shows? My samsung tv itself can add English subtitle, but they are often too slow and inaccurate. If the DVR or the fios feed does the subtitle, it would greatly help my parents and persuade them to get it. (their english hearing is impaired). Thks in advance
Ahhh decision decision decision. I really like the idea of skipping commercials! Anyways, thks for the inputs everyone.
Thks for the helpful comments, bak_phy and jeepmon! I am wondering if the picture quality is better than OTA. Is fios tv signal 1080p or at least 1080i? Also, from "The National HD channels FIOS has are: TNT HD ESPN HD ESPN2 HD NFL Network HD HDNet HDNet Movies Universal HD Discovery HD Wealth TV HD National Geographic HD Music HD Food Network HD HGTV HD Lifetime Movies HD" I think I would be watching just music HD and not much of the other channels;...
Hi fellows, I am thinking of getting the triple play package ($99) that I see from the commercial. I currently have verizon phone and internet services, which amount to approximately $75 per month. I also have OTA reception to my samsung 46 inch 1080p tv, which can get some good shows in HD from fox, abc, nbc, cbs, and cw. My question is what exactly do you get from the fiostv that is HD and really worth it? I need some advice and persuasion before I make...
Thks very much
When I downgrade it, it shows I have v1.3..but it gives me that error when try to update the official one.
Yes, I try various setting, but ended up using the default movie setting to view the movie. I know I can get better PQ however. By the way, anyone know and is able to post how to access the service menu via the remote control (what do you have to press)? I have a Samsung technician came to my home for a service once, but he couldnt tell the command used to access it. :( Thks
I got the unofficial firmware 2.0 from rapidshare site and went back to 1.3 fireware in order to download the official one. But when I try to update the official, it gives me 'VUP ERROR 133'....and disconnect me from the server. Can anyone tell me what it is? Anyone else experience this? I hope it is not a virus like the other thread mentioned. Thks in advance.
Hi I am an owner of Samsung HLS6187 and I use the mode "movie" to watch HD DVDs. While it looks good, I am wondering if it could potentially look better and more 3D like by custom settings. So, would any other owners mind sharing the picture setting or better yet if there is a way to finetune the PQ (like software CD?). Just list how much contrast you are using, color, etc. Thks very much
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