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I have a 50PX600 and OPPO 970. My knowledge is what tdavis21484 said. You might check out the OPPO threads on the (Non HD) DVD player forum. Some say that the Faroudja chipped 971 and 981 soften the image a bit too much in comparison with the 970. I'm very happy with the 970. I'm also waiting out the HD-DVD war, but I'm afraid it's going to be a draw. ps The 981 is probably worth the 30 buck premium over the 971 because of the extended format compatibility.
>>Originally Posted by caesar1 I do not use the TV guide feature (not even sure if it is in the 50u (only the 500u I believe). So it is something else in the 50u. The question is THIS year's model -- do they click (either 60 or 600u)?<< My 600U does click. Someone reported that the clicking stopped when the TV-Guide was disabled (removing any zip code information during guide setup). Don't notice it much in my den, but might be a bummer in the bedroom.
My bad! there is a new plug-in ver for 2.0. Good on ya Firefox.
Without giving it a lot of thought, I upgraded to Firefox 2.0 last night. Firefox 2.0 does NOT support the Harmony 880 plug-in.
I purchased my 50" Panny back in June, when the 1st price drop appeared. I still paid a heck of a lot more for it than I would now - or a month from now. Do I regret it?? Not one bit.
I prefer GetGray over the others. It is offered as a download. Check out the Calibration Forum for info.
I guess our Panasonics are just old fashioned, as they do not have any type of "pixel orbitor" or other pixel shifting/anti image retention mechanism. As many Listers have said: If you use any amount of common sense with these TVs, burn in/image retention is no more than a temporary nuisance.
Check out the Yamaha YSP-800 or 1100. I have the YSP-1000. Integrated amp and speakers in one clean panel. With the right room the sound quality is great and the surround effects are almost spooky. My nephew still believes I have speakers hidden at the rear of the room somewhere. About the best minimalist setup I can imagine.
My 600U does the same. My panel is wall mounted and any angle adjustment would trip the power. I cable-tied the cord to the mount, close to the plug, and temporarily solved the problem.
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