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Did you try page 181 of this thread... I'm sure I found everything needed and updated to 1.07 just two days ago.
Just collected mine... Looking forward to getting it on the ceiling and seeing what it can do. I'll post my thoughts when I get some time. Won't get much time with it though, cause a two and a bit week holiday starts in a couple days!
I'm gonna answer my own question!! Ordered yesterday, and should have it mid next week. This is in Australia. Then I take my first holiday to NY a few days later... I mean, Anyway, I'm super keen to give it a try. Really looking forward to it, and I expect the picture to be noticeably better than my old W1000.
It may be too early still, but is anyone moving to this projector from a W1000?? If so, could you give a quick note on the relative black levels? That was my only complaint (and to me it's a minor complaint), about the W1000. However my W1000 recently failed, so I'm thinking about getting this projector as a replacement. Thanks.
Has anybody auditioned the Veneres yet?? They look nice, and are priced in the entry level. It will be interesting to see how they stack up to other speakers in the category. And, same price as Toys roughly!! An interesting decision...
The Music Hall will allow for analogue upgrades later if you want to go that way. A turntable, or whatever. With the XDA as a pre into a power amp, you're kinda limited. Also, doesn't the XDA have a suspect volume control?
That is a Harmony one. I have two myself. For the price you can get em these days they're great! I really like your HT jproy13... Those SVS's must sound awesome! Have you considered pulling your speakers forward a bit? Give it a try. Just so the front face of the speakers are more forward than anything else in your setup... Kinda so there's uninterrupted space between them. This goes for the centre too, although only so it's just over the edge of the cabinet... If you...
Start by checking the wiring inside the speaker. Pull the driver out, and check it out. Then contact Energy about replacement cost etc. Hopefully it's just a wire has popped off, and you don't need to spend anything to fix. Many years ago my 55KG (121 lbs) Roti x Doberman decided he wanted to see what was behind one of my speakers... Speaker didn't stand a chance, and my heart sank. I know how you feel! Don't worry though, provided the cabinet is OK, and it seems to be...
No, I have plans to do some cable management but at the moment it's a mess. I want to leave the back open for air flow.
They come in a black/brown which is what these are. They're very dark so appear black in the picture, and they're not far off in reality too.
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