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I wanted to find a settings thread for the UN50ES6900 that is a popular model sold by Best Buy and I have done an extensive search in this forum without any success. Have I overlooked it?
In case anyone is interested FIOS is also expanding their service in office buildings throughout Manhattan. 1400 Broadway on the corner of 38 Street has just announced that FIOS is available throughout the building. This is a huge improvement for people using T1 lines.
I would love to see BBC America available in HD as I love their content. Case in point, their recent Luther mini series was awesome!!!
I totally agree with you. Case in point, the update that fixed the issues we were having with Avatar was definitely needed.
It is wired precisely as instructed in the manual and had been working fine for a year and a half until this last weekend. The red wire is connected to the receiver's main right speaker red terminal, the yellow wire to the receiver's main left speaker red terminal and the black wire to the receiver's main right speaker black terminal. I even switched the black wire to the main left speaker black terminal and it still hummed. I double checked all the wiring and nothing had...
I went over to her apartment tonight and disconnected the Neutrix plug and then reconnected it. The humming noise was still there.
I am using the Rel Neutrik Custom subwoofer cable.
My neighbor has a REL T1 which I installed for her last year running on a 2.1 speaker setup. She has never had an issue with the sound on this setup until this last weekend and now all she is hearing is a constant humming sound coming from the T1 when she turns the SW power on. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Actually I think this is the ideal solution. There is no need for an articulated arm to mount the TV on as the swivel base of a Samsung flat screen will be the perfect solution. Also the sliding shelf supported that heavy dinosaur of a crt without a problem so the lcd will be a piece of cake. All he would have to do when storing the lcd is swivel the set slightly on it's base so it clears the inside of the cabinet when pushing the shelf in.
Actually I don't think that breathing an issue as his old 4:3 CRT was placed on a slide out shelf which went behind closed doors when the set wasn't being used. After reading the comment about using an articulated arm and remembering that he can buy a flat screen with a swivel base like the Sammys have I believe that is the solution for him. They have a higher end 2010 5000 series LED in a 37 inch size that is only 35.7 inches wide. He can swivel it slightly when storing...
New Posts  All Forums: