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Let's work our way down your flawed list:Rain fade is an issue which can be overcomeWith DirecTV you can purchase your own DVR and network them as wellWith Comcast you are paying more for less. Even with the available promos I will be paying less with DirecTV and receiving many more HD channels.I already said I am keeping the internet service...I have no use for a home phoneAre you really claiming that the Comcast PQ is superior? Now that's funny...With Directv I don't...
I care less about how it looks compared to previous version and more about how it looks compared to the original source. I don't want something that looks how I think it should look. I want something that looks how it should look.
Compared to what source? What are you basing this on?
What reasons are those?
Well, no more Comcast tv service for me. I'll keep the internet service however. I just couldn't continue paying more for less. I cannot stand that they can only add new HD channels by removing popular ones. The fact that they include HD On Demand reruns in their HD count is pure nonsense as well. Former Insight customers continue to be treated as lepers by Comcast. Poor internal communication regarding upgrades and changes. Entirely different programming options within...
You should stop being the bitter sore loser and just move on. You have a bias, which as a fan is of course perfectly fine, but the games are over. The other team won. Just accept the result and move on.
It's over...they lost...move on.
No, you do not need a converter box. Some local affiliates are already switched off (early today) and others will wait until tonight. When you switch to your antenna input, with an antenna connected of course, rescan for channels. Some of them may have moved as well. What city are your local channels coming from?
...yes if you choose the most expensive option possible...it can be expensive.
A lot of affiliates are switching early. Most of the ones in my city did it at 8 a.m. today.
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