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What year is this? Seems like we are back to the earth is flat, earth is round debate. Looks like the TV manufacturers are playing Columbus.
I'm in.
Owners manual for SC-68 up. http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/StaticFiles/Manuals/Home/SC-68_OperatingInstructions061512.pdf
I have entered and won many "Most pointless endeavor" contests but I was wondering about that as well. I find sometimes with the higher end of the product lines the build is a little better but I guess if all the features are there and it is from the same line the pre/pro section should maintain the same quality without the extra amplification.
My 59 has performed flawlessly for years and I have used it every single day but am thinking of getting a new amp as a pre/pro for the HDMI,etc. Probably going to wait to see how the sc-68s pan out and hopefully they could become good mates. Has anyone else done something like this with theirs?
I had just moved into that house and everything had been packed up for a few months. It was one of the first things I unpacked as I needed a fix. It currently resides in my living room. The equipment is Linkwitz Lab Orions with matching Thor subs (speakers and subs each have their own sound processors and amps). Each speaker is powered by a Rotel RMB-1066 and the subs have a Behringer EP-2500. Receiver is a Pioneer Elite VSX 59-Txi. Toshiba HD-XA2 for CDs although mostly...
Hi, I have the 59 TXi. I was wondering if it is possible to use an updated receiver to to handle all HDMI and send sound to receiver by analog while sending video to monitor?
Quote: Originally Posted by sb1 Mark, you really should spend less time staring at the bag between Sam's legs. "Best advice award" for this thread. Well needed comedy relief as well.
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