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Motionflow of any sort will only impair your gaming as it will introduce lag. You're better off using a tv's dedicated Game Mode if it has one. Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Tapatalk 2
That sounds like the best choice, especially if you are already using the Polk center since you should always try to voice match your front soundstage. I think the 363's would be better in a 2.0 system due to the better low end. Enjoy!
I have only heard the Infinity fronts, but I've heard all of those Polks. I think the 363's are slightly better, especially in the low end (but the A7's are much better than both). The Polk center and surrounds are great though! Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Tapatalk 2
New firmware update available for the Live SMP. Officially supports dts-HD passthrough. Works great! I've verified with multiple titles (Pacific Rim, Oblivion, Elysium, Iron Man 3). So far I've encountered no real negatives so this feels like a solid update.
Limbo Castle Crashers Braid Deadlight Shank 1 & 2 Awesomenauts Trine 2 Rochard Bastion (technically not indie since it's published by WB Games, but it's in the same spirit) Closure Capsized The Swapper Mark of the Ninja The Walking Dead (so good, and so awarded, that people forget that Telltale games in an independent publisher) Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Tapatalk 2
that's the signal your avr is receiving, not what it is set to or actually using. If the signal is 7.1, the avr will receive it and convert the 4 rear channels to 2 and play back in 5.1 (assuming that you have it set up as 5.1 and not 7.1 in the menu.as far as the multi channel format, is this on all material (dvd, bd, etc) or just games? your ps3 should be set to bitstream hdmi, not linear pcm (UNLESS its an old "fat" model).
Great explanation!
Thanks for the responses! I guess my PB12-NSD isn't in that class. Does anyone think two PB1000's or SB1000's would do any better? I ask because I'm still within my full trade up window w/ SVS. Or should I just save up for another PB12-NSD?Not trying to start an arguement, but I never thought this thread was just about ULF bass. The thread title is "the new master list of BASS in movies", not "ULF BASS". Many of the movies listed here sound awesome on my system (at least...
Is the “Irene“ scene from BHD that's talked about here so much from the blu-ray? I ask because I have the spec.ed. dvd and honestly I couldn't be any more underwhelmed. I know some movies talked about here sound better on dvd than blu-ray (M&C, WotW, The Haunting?) so I was just wondering. Of course I'm sure it could my equipment which is nothing too special, but sounds good with other films.
My 6006 has been great since I got it, however the past week there has been an issue I can't figure out. The volume level seems to have degraded, no matter what device I'm using. I run the avr with Audyssey on, dynamic eq on, and dynamic volume off. Standard watching used to be comfortableat between -30 to -25, loud used to be around -20 to -15 and reference was about -10. 0 was ear splittingly loud and I couldn't tolerate it for more than a couple minutes. Lately though,...
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