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Only 6 channels down in uptown.
They called it the Circle 7.
Did TWC get rid of all US based customer support? Seems like no matter what time I call I get a foreign call center.
Google is targeting Charlotte for fiber     http://money.cnn.com/2014/02/19/technology/google-fiber/index.html?hpt=hp_t2
So if memory serves me,  it was Vision Cable, then TWC and now it will be Comcast.
Why are the air dates on the TWC guide off by one day? Even shows that are airing live are listed as having aired the day before.
Has anyone seen an issue where this unit powers down after inactivity despite setting the menu up to not shut down?
Is anyone seeing momentary glitches and blocking on all HD channels.  I have been seeing this for a few days now.  Signal levels are great and there are no errors yet I keep getting this brief macro-blocking and freezes.      
Sounds like you need the same HDFury box I do.
Yes, something that even changed some of my settings.  I had to go back thru the menus and put things the way I like them.
New Posts  All Forums: