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Can someone help - please! Need to hook-up a mike to the 2600 - how?
Does anyone know how to hookup a microphone to the 2600? My wife wants to do the Karaoke thing, but don't know how to hook up the mike to the 2600 and get sound from my speakers. Thanks!
Guys - Thanks for the info. Is soldering absolutely required or can I just connect the fan cables by crimping them. I don 't know anyone who can do soldering for me. I have seen people do it and can probably do it myself.
Deja-vue, COOL! this fans seems very quiet and at a low cost. How difficult is to install this fan to the Crown 602 amp. Is soldering required? I am not a techie and have never done soldering, but can learn. If install is easy, I am going to get these asap. thanks
After reviewing various posts, I am leaning towards fan replacement option, w/ the resistors as posted. I know that people have put in various fans, but not sure which is the most Silent fan out there for my Crown 602. Any recommendation on the most silent fan available and where? Lastly, after I connected my 602, I noticed the clip lights blinking at moderate volume. I am using Pro-audio XLR to RCA connecters. Do I need this ART cleanbox device that some of you...
Technofobe, I did search this thread, but wanted to get a fresh opinion from you experts. I am in favor of disconnecting the fans, but concerned about heat and safety issues, etc. How much noise reduction do I get with the Enermax fans?
I connected my Crown XLS 602 and was disappointed by the high noise level of the 2 fans connected at the rear of this AMP. I can hear the fan noise loud and clear while watching TV's or listening to music (15' away). It's very annoying and I have had to shut down the amp. The amp is brand new, but I can't return it. Is this noise level normal and can I do to eliminate or significantly reduce the fan noise? I have read that some people turn the fan off, but not...
Thanks to all! I have a lot to learn and it is indeed a challenge to figure all of this out and feel like a sponge. It's good to know that there is so much knowledge base here. I don't have the manual, but will get one. What is the diffrence between 2 pole vs. 4 pole? Again, thanks much and people on this thread and Forum rock! A quick question - What's the best way to hook up a microphone to my 602 Amp or do you recommend that I hook them up to the AVR receiver. I...
Saw Neutrik connectors for sale, but don't know how to use them. Can I use my existing 14 gauge wire and connect one end to Neutrik and the other end to my Speaker (traditional banana plug type connection) or do I need heavier 12 gauge 2 or 4 pair wire? Pls see my post above! thanks
What kind of wire and connector do I need to use Neutrik Speakon jacks? Also, why are ther much better? I have 14 gauge wire running, but can easily swap them out. I know nothing about these jacks and can sure use the help. Also, did not get a response in terms of how to best hook up my Crown 602 b amp w/ my Yam 2600 AVR. I am assuming I simply need to buy Male XLR to Male RCA cable - Can someone pls respond if this is the optimal method. I will use this option...
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