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http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2These are the cables i ran from my 51 to my sr8500. That is when i had the 51 last Summer. They worked great and the price is right. Sounded great and i like the 51 just did not want to wait for the master audio... almost a year later and... well thats a whole other post.
I check the settings on my SR8500 speakers large, bass both, cross at 80, sub yes, the sub plays with stereo tuner radio and through the coaxial digital in playing cds
I believe you need to change the setting from "mix" to "both" or vise versa in the Marantz setup menu. I had to do that awhile back on my sr8500 to get the sub to play in stereo with large speakers. and if i remember correctly the sub will not play in pure direct mode
http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2 I use 8 of these cables from my 51fd to my SR8500 The work great. would recommend for the price. I do also like the blue jeans 8 cable bundle BJC LC-1 if you have the cash it is a high quality cable.
If you want to use the new audio codes with your receiver with the same set up to your projector use the 7.1 rca outputs on the 55 to the 7.1 inputs on your receiver. No HDMI needed. This will also work if you want to get a new reciver for HDMI down the road and utilize the 7.1 inputs now
+1 do they use the same DAC
Where did you buy the S550? What kind of speaker management does it have, crossover, distance, level?
If you do not want the info of your 2.0 blu ray player on the net dont plug it into the internet. simple fix.
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