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I had to set my DVD player to Bitstream, so I would imagine you have to do the same on PS3.
I have a Dish 722 HD DVR. I have the HDMI output going to an active splitter with one split going to an HDTV in the same room as the 722 and the other split running to another room. I also have the optical audio output of the 722 going to a receiver for listening with Dolby Headphone. That receiver is pre-HDMI and has no such inputs. In the second room, I have the HDMI hooked up to an HDTV and the optical audio output of the TV sent to the input on a Denon...
I am looking for something like this: http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...=2#description But with only one HDMI input that will take the HDMI signal and strip out or split the audio to a TOSLINK output. I have an HD DVR in another room with an active splitter sending the signal via HDMI to another room. In that other room I want to send the video to my TV but the audio to a receiver. My TV has a digital out, but it is only 2-Ch sound. So I need to split the...
Holly Cow! I am watching Monsters Inc with my daughter right now and it really sounds fantastic! Definitely room filling sound. I am kind of surprised how crisp the highs sound.
I went ahead and connected a BR player and a SD DVD player to the Denon using both optical and coax digital inputs. I didn't notice any increased surround effect, even when using a THX optimizer/test tone feature on a disc. Having said that, I am still completely satisfied with the purchase.
Thanks guys!
So if I have a BR player, I should hook the audio output of that directly to the input of my receiver for best sound quality?
Does the optical out on the V10 pass on all of the audio formatting (ie: 5ch, 7ch, etc) or does it just pass on 2-channel audio? Thanks
Last month I purchased a Panasonic TH-P54V10 to replace my aging Sony 36" WEGA CRT (which still looks great after nearly 11 years). While the picture on the 54V10 is fantastic, the sound coming from the speakers was woefully inadequate, actually worse than the Sony it replaced. I blame the desire to make thinner and thinner TV's not leaving any room for sizeable speakers and enough space to move air. (skip the next 4 paragraphs if you just want to cut to the chase) So I...
Then it is a company I will keep an eye and ear on!
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