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Several posts here that discuss the green dots. Search or go back and read them. Some settings also listed in previous posts can help but not eliminate them completely at proper brightness and contrast levels.Short answer is that it is just part of it with this set.
But I am very satisfied! When I bought a 58" Pioneer Elite 610 RPTV 11 years ago I was thrilled. It was noticeably better than 99 percent of sets being made and the picture was stunning for that era. Still have and it still has great picture in many ways. When I bought a Pioneer Pioneer 500m a year and half ago I was thrilled to get what was arguably one of the best plasmas ever made. Again to discerning eyes the PQ was noticeably better than almost any set out...
I was updating wirelessly and mine stopped many time during each update. All I did was restart the update and eventually each update reached 100% and then the next one would start. I did not turn off the the set while doing this, so I don't know if that would take you back to beginning all over again.
I have had my 60" for about a week and a half. During that time it has only been used for about 3-4 hour of watching content and about 65 hours running the 120 shade slide show. The slides do have the black from slide to slide. My picture when running the slides show some unevenness in brightness. This shows as vertical bands about a inch to two wide from top to bottom. There are several across the screen (didn't count them) and they vary in intensity. It does...
I think it has been mentioned before that none of the Monoprice mounts will span the 19+ inch vertical spacing of the 600M with out making some kind of adapter modification like the one on the previous page.
Don't think so on the vertical. Check the brochure and additional info in the first post for the actual mounting hole distances.
I would not feel comfortable with a 1/4" thread depth; 1/2" to 5/8" is plenty.You might try putting several washers under the heads of the longer screws (to take up some length) if they don't interfere with anything else.Try a regular old fashioned hardware store or an industrial nut and bolt supplier. NYC area has to have dozens of either. Lowe's has a good selection of non standard fasteners also.
I have been enjoying the new 500 using the D-Nice/Elite settings between break-in sessions. Yesterday I popped in my GetGray disc to see what it indicated in regards to contrast and brightness. Using the settings mentioned for Pure while looking at the GetGray shifting bar patterns, I could turn contrast up to 42-43 before losing the upper white bars into the background. Brightness was the same +1 Should I trust GetGray? It was brighter than I needed in a dark...
I have a new 500M NA model and Pioneer BDP-51FD. While the setting posted here are a great start I would like to get the most out of this set I can with a modest DIY approach. I have been doing my own feeble calibrating starting back in 2001 on an Elite 610, then a Pioneer PDP-425CMX and a couple of LCDs. What would be the recommendation of a sub $300 bundle of software and hardware to use in getting this calibrated? I already have Get Gray, AVSHD 709. Thanks
Received today from VE. Everything is fine and am very impressed with the black level and overall PQ. No buzz; can't hear it at all unless I put my head over the top or behind it. More observations in a couple of days. Will post in the owners thread.
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