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To me: "film" implies (1) a softer, non-edgy look, with (2) higher dynamic range than video traditionally allowed. Darbee processing has no effect on (1), but may give the illusion of (2). -Bill
I can't say definitely. It would be worth an email to OPPO support to see what they say. If it is something OPPO can do with in-house software development, then it is at least possible. If it involves new development from Mediatek on old chip sets: much more doubtful. -Bill
You can see a history of firmware changes in the first post in this thread.I have heard of ISO-enabled players going for a premium, so an upgrade might harm the resale value. That was a while ago, though, and interest fades with time. You might check the used equipment outlets to see what prices are like now.The -93 also has pre-sunset component video and is without Cinavia detection, which makes it more valuable to some. A firmware upgrade doesn't change that, of...
Left boob only! She said both would be too powerful...-Bill
Name that movie:Answer: [[SPOILER]] -Bill
Hrumph.If you scan the last few pages of http://www.avsforum.com/t/959985/official-help-me-choose-a-player-thread-cant-decide-start-here, people recommend current Panasonic and Sony models, depending on the features you need. Samsung does not have many fans. Others: trailing the pack.-Bill
For new title playback problems: this is very commonly due to new stupid java tricks from the disc authors. If you are accustomed to doing disc backups, then a "main title only" backup leaves the java behind. Historically this has been a an effective way of playing newer titles on older machines. Worth a try. -Bill
I just loaded it, played a bit, chapter skipped around. No issues. I'm on firmware 79-0910.Have you tried the usual cleanup? Turn BD-Live off, erase Persistent Storage, and reboot.-Bill
From one of OPPO's support pages, notes on burning ISO images:Again, looking at the disc with a computer will tell us whether it was created properly.DVDs can have one or more region codes, or can be "ALL" region, which is the same as "no code". The OPPO plays region 1 and "ALL"-region discs, which is not the same as discs from all regions.-Bill
That Manny is a smooth operator!Review: Scarface (1983)-Bill
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