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All I know about Windows is how to swear at it, but people do have success with SMB on Windows 7. Windows 8 seems even more troublesome for SMB.Rather than fight it I would get a little NAS box. They usually have both SMB and DLNA.-Bill
The subtitles are probably PGS format (which is normal for Blu-ray) which at one time did not work over DLNA. I keep meaning to check this in the current firmware.PGS does work over SMB and on local storage. Before that we would convert the subtitles to hidef VOBSUB (which in its standard def variant is normal on DVD), but that is a bit of work.-Bill
See the link in #135 above.What they are doing is still unclear to me.-Bill
Yes, thanks, I did see that. The question is if they have a strategy we don't know about yet to provide what their users want.It will be difficult for them because, unlike other products, FAB phones home for keys. How to offer plausible deniability of such a scheme that will satisfy a judge?FAB has some good features apart from decryption, but without that it's a problem for them.-Bill
We have a thread on this, but no inside info yet: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1521928/dvdfab-website-blockked -Bill
Commercial products have shipped with malware before. One official site doesn't protect against that.It depends on who makes each component and how careful they are. My system comes from many sources.-Bill
How would the case be different than any other piece of software?-Bill
Legal harassment extends beyond .com addresses.-Bill
You have a devilish eye for detail.Review: The Haunted Palace (1963)-Bill
The Haunted Palace (1963), produced and directed by Roger Corman. Vincent Price finds himself possessed by the spirit of an evil ancestor: a malevolent, vengeful sorcerer. The really bad kind: he has a Necronomicon and knows how to use it. Originally titled Edgar Allan Poe's The Haunted Palace, this is actually based on "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" by HP Lovecraft, who does get credit. Today they'd probably reverse that: Lovecraft is more popular than Poe. Is this...
New Posts  All Forums: