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Have you tried BDMV folders on local storage? It won't work over DLNA. -Bill
Correct! Review: Videodrome (1983)Death to Videodrome! Long live the...-Bill
Videodrome (1983), written and directed by David Cronenberg.Max (wonderful James Woods) runs shabby Channel 83 on local cable, featuring violence and soft porn. He's looking for something edgier and more transgressive, both in his life and for station programming. He gets the programming by pirating a satellite feed of unknown origin: "Videodrome", featuring really real-looking torture porn and executions. Sick stuff.In his life he starts dating Nicki Brand (pop singer...
Name that movie:Answer: [[SPOILER]] -Bill
DVD Video has a maximum resolution of 720x480 @ 60hz or 720x576 @ 50hz. Those are standard definition resolutions. You're right: once you throw away higher resolution you can't recover it. I don't have a tivo; are you sure you have to convert to DVD Video. Media files like mp4 are not constrained by the older limits these days. -Bill
You know your creature features. There were two other similar films that year: undersea horror/action. This one is on Blu-ray; Leviathan is due later this year, and then all we need is Deep Star Six.Well, we don't need them but, you know... creature feature...-Bill
Name that movie:Answer: [[SPOILER]] -Bill
Aren't you using PLEX as a DLNA server? So on the same box you have one server that works with the OPPO and one that doesn't?If you can't make adjustments you'll have to find some other server, maybe running on a PC elsewhere on your network. It could read from the file server and transmit to the player.-Bill
Likely your DLNA server is transcoding the audio or video into a format that the player does not accept. Do you have any control over the server settings?-Bill
I would put up calibration disc test patterns and sample clips and test it. Trust your eyes. 1080i and 1080p signals ought to look the same.Converting between 1080p and 1080i at 60hz ought to be dead easy and trouble free, but there is many a slip in consumer electronics, so best check it.-Bill
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