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SUB is a graphic format; you can't style it like text. -Bill
It's a fine player. A/V will be very comparable to the current model BDP-103 which is $499 in the US (although that one does have Cinavia and would not have a region-free mod at that price). -Bill
Welcome to AVSForum.1. No Cinavia on the -93.2. We have a FAQ you may find useful: Are .iso files or Blu-ray or DVD directory structures supported on external media?3. Yes, although people sometimes report special procedures are required to do it properly. It would be helpful to know what variety of hardware mod you have.-Bill
About 20 minutes into the title you'll get a popup message saying audio will now be muted on the backup copy.Currently Cinavia is detected and enforced only for files on optical disc, not on USB devices or network sources.It sounds like your problem is some other network issue.-Bill
Check this thread, or ask there: Oppo BDP-105 "Sound Quality" Check Thread for Audiophiles-Bill
The manual has a section "HDMI Input to BDP-103". Ask here if anything is not clear.-Bill
So you don't accept what's posted in #67 above? That part about "give then time to fix it"?-Bill
No, I would first look at the file system parameters on the optical disc. See the links I posted previously.-Bill
Name that movie:Answer: [[SPOILER]] -Bill
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