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Currently, players are not allowed to produce an image for Blu-ray over analog video at all: meaning no composite, s-video or component. HDMI only. This is the studios idea of closing the "analog hole" piracy mechanism (which no one ever used).That model is a few years old and has the connections, so I'm surprised that it is not allowed to produce a Blu-ray image over analog. Models produced before the analog sunset are grandfathered in, but maybe Onkyo is being aggressive...
I've used it on every OPPO Blu-ray player without issue.-Bill
No, it's not region-free for DVD either. But there is a free software mod to make it so. See the FAQ: Region Free Modifications-Bill
Get text output from both types of file with mkvinfo or mediainfo. Any difference between the specs for the audio tracks?-Bill
I leave them off. At best they provide a minor effect, and until such time as we have real test patterns that demonstrate their virtues, I'm not spending time on tweaking them.-Bill
I don't remember that scene, but I am going to suggest...SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN. -Bill
That's the original firmware. See the first post in this thread for a history of updates.-Bill
Correct x 2!-Bill
Setup -> Playback Setup -> Power On Input-Bill
Welcome to AVSForum.The remote has an INPUT button that shows a popup of the choices.-Bill
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