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Looking for a NEW or slightly used 1121.... Thanks
what the heck is the command on the damn remote to switch between dolby digital and then just your centers and what not ? also instead of going down and hitting surround for game, movie, pop/rock what is the command its bugging me and getting to me lol
Well I need them to be 42" adjustable because of the couch... Problem is from what I have read the mounting bracket doesnt fit.....
So I need to find a damn stand for the Motion 4's... Anyone out there ????
Hey fellas..... SO I was talking to a Martin Logan rep today and he said Paradigm is a sister company.... I am having 0 luck finding some speaker stands for my Martin Logan 4's. The kicker is I need them to be adjustable to 42" due to my couch. I cant mount them the way the basement is..... Any help would be great !!
mine is probably about 4 ft from the floor which mine isnt mounted so yeah... but I think its at perfect height
Just saw that.... on the reciever they fit flush its just alot of "play" within i have no clue why its annoying though But i have my gls ones for sale if anyone wants to buy them PM me
They are not sitting flush/snug with the Martin Logan.... The sound works fine its just annoying as hell !
Yup but if you goto google.com and put in the part # and then hit search and hit shopping on the left places have them for 63 bucks.... are they original ones I dont know and dont care its whats on panasonics page... also its what some folks have given up here Good luck to you
anyone ever see issues with nbahd ? I was getting some crazy looking images and brightness flickering..... Switched it over to ESPNHD and she was looking good ?
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