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Watched a movie called 'Bullet' this afternoon. Holy hell this movie was a surprising bass monster. There is a crazy ULF pulse at the beginning of the movie that actually made My A7-450 bottom out. Or at least I think it did. Will need to test again to make sure that it wasn't something else in the room rattling.
Apparently some users are reporting even more output when the sub faces a wall.
Nezff! How's it going man?? I currently have mine facing in. Looks like I will need to spin that sucker around!
98, do you have yours facing the wall or the listening position?
Man.. I need to find a place where I can buy one of those Orbit Shifter LFU's for my next upgrade. Wow!
I think I have an air leak on my eD A7-450. Seems like one (or more) of the screws might be loosening. Should I remove all the screws, turn the sub then predrill new holes? If so, what type of screws should I use to reseat the sub to the box?
I have noticed that my 2310 seems sounds louder on a DTS track than it does on a HD track. Is this normal?
Where would it ship from?
...adding a SeatonSubHP to my HT setup. I already have an eD a7-450 (ported). I would eventually try to sell my a7-450 to pick up a 2nd SeatonSubHP, but I am curious how these two would perform together in the meantime. Any thoughts?
That is SOOOOOO disappointing to see how bad the filtering is on the Stone Giant scene. That would've been ultimate demo material if the LFE was unfiltered.
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