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Apparently removing the cable cards also remove the CCI byte. And that's not illegal.
I was just wondering if there was any line filtering equipment that removed the CCI Byte info from the cable stream. @Bicker I believe I'd be protected since MRV doesn't currently work for any channels on my DVR and I'd only be using it to access those channels I can legally transfer.
I don't post here often, so I don't really know where to ask this question... Is there a way to filter the Digital CCI Byte from a cable broadcast so my TiVo will be able to use MRV?
I use the "wide" setting to stretch 4:3 to 16:9. Seems to work well for most 4:3 content.
I purchased an Akai 42" Plasma in March and have been using it since then. My tuner is a series 2 TiVo and some things I noticed about it are: Shortly after getting this TV I noticed that the TiVo SD output was OK, but not great. Since I recorded in mostly basic quality I knew a quality upgrade would fix it. One thing though is that basic is fine for shows that are bright, or broadcast in a very clear format. For instance Smallville is much clearer than Numb3ers. In...
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