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It doesn't make sense to continue buying HD-DVDs at this point. I have a large collection of Universal titles but I will no longer purchase HD-DVD software. The format war is over. Why continue purchasing titles on a dying format? Universal and Paramount will both start releasing titles on blu-ray. I'll probably replace most of my Universal titles with blu-ray if they offer bogos to help do that.
For me renting sucks because most people mishandle discs. The last thing I want is to start watching a movie and then it locks up due to scratches or fingerprints.
Amazon does that too. I open this huge box that barely fits in my oversized mailbox and there is one title in it. Too funny.
Are you going to turn into a woman if you buy the movie? If you liked it buy it. Stop worrying so much about appearances.
Polar Express finally shipped today.
Ordered the first three. But will not buy the fourth until an unrated version is available. It is ridiculous to force PG on everyone. Most people buying blu-ray are adults over 18. Give us the real movie Fox.
No, but if they booted him off of AVS then that is a damn shame and a loss of blu-ray info.
Cars and Pixar Shorts both show as shipping soon. Rat has been separated from all the other titles I ordered this week and does not show as shipping yet.
I am definitely tiring of Fox/MGM yanking and delaying titles. I would prefer they don't announce unless they are sure. Credibility is really becoming low with release dates.
Many people are calling $399 unaffordable. And what exactly is in Bill Hunt's article is ignorant and untrue? Toshiba is giving away players to try and stay alive. HD-DVD has not even been on the market for 2 years. Econ 101 will tell you that this is not good news for Toshiba or HD-DVD. It is desparation. I support both formats too but Bill Hunt is simply stating the truth.
New Posts  All Forums: