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dlbeck Where's Jeff shop now is it still in Wisconsin? PM me the address if you could, I am in Wisconsin in a few weeks. Thanks
I went from a Emotiva (Tons of Hiss) to Outlaw 7500 (no Hiss) on my T8's.
Have they done anything with the 8000 to help eliminate dust blobs?
How did you split the side surrounds having 2 sets? Did you split the side signal into 2 seperate AMPS then on the the speakers? Thanks
How about everyone on here send ratm a buck until he gets enough money, then send the subs to me. You will help 2 people out for only $1.00. LOL.
No live feed?? LOL
I had port noise using the 15hz plug on WOW but that is the only time.
MM, Do you see any difference for movies or is it status quo with where you had it originally?
I have port noise when I put the plug in for 15hz when stressing some of the top Bass Scenes. So with 2 Caps I keep it them at 20hz.
Unless I am missing something I don't know how anyone can have Channel 1 cranked to the max on the EP4000. I can't get anywhere near that. I am at about 11:30 on Channel 1 and my AVR with Audessey still puts the Trim at -5.5 with that arrangement.
New Posts  All Forums: