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My 105" wide 2.35 screen is just under 45" in height. How can your 106" wide be 53" high?
The red convergence was clearly off on my X500R. Took 1 full pixel correction to make it right. I had read that full pixel shifts don't affect resolution, so that was the best solution in my case.
My screen is 105" wide. 2.35-Height is 44.6", would be 58.8" for as 16:9 that wide. Came up with right at 43 square feet. 900 calibrated lumens divided by 43= 20.93, so about 21 FL? My screen gain is 1.0. I'm running in low lamp mode-Does anybody have an idea how much that drops the output?
How do you figure screen size when using the zoom method on a scope screen? Also, how would you calculate for using low lamp mode instead of high?
That calculator is flawed for the X500R. Read this thread-You need to use the RS49 or 4910 calculator to get realistic numbers.http://www.avsforum.com/t/1525147/jvc-x500r-placement-and-fl#post_24577044
I'm putting together a backyard theater with some leftover components. Mitsubishi HC4000 projector, Samsung Blu-ray player, and a Vizio soundbar w/sub 2.1 setup. I have everything on a wire utility cart that we'll roll into position for movies and store in the garage when not in use. The only thing that's missing is a screen. The outdoor screens seem to be flimsy and over priced for what they are. We're putting up a BBQ Gazebo from Costco the pretty beefy, and was thinking...
My screen is a 105" wide 2:35 AT retractable screen. (114" diagonal) My room is a dedicated HT that is a medium dark plum color and completely light controlled. I run my X500R on low lamp. It looks great in my setup. It all depends on your room, screen size, what kind of programming you watch, and personal preference for brightness. We only use the projector for movies. For casual viewing in that room we use a 61" Samsung LED DLP.
There's something wrong with that calculator. I just punched in my specs for the 49, 4910, and 55. The 49 and 4910 come out the same with 14fl in my set up. The 55 has me at a slightly different zoom ratio (1.75 vs 1.78 with the 49&4910) and shows a blazing 27fl brightness!
Has it been confirmed that the Sony 600 sample Tom Norton and Kris Deering tested was in fact "broken"?
The "Schultz" in me just could no longer contain himself.
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