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Oh cool. I'm gonna try and track down a theater showing it. Slow's OK by me.BEHOLD.....the official 2013 yankeeman horror viewing enjoyment graph:
Aja and co.actually tried to do something fresh here. Success. This is how you do a remake.
Lol thank you.
Don't forget to rewind.
The fans have been BEGGING for a sequel for years but I guess now that the anthology thing is hot the studio will finally try and cash in. More can't be that bad, right? A couple weeks ago I had my wife help me frame up my Mondo TrT print. When I say help I mean she did 90% of it. Took a que from Bob and got some $3 burlap and covered a custom frame using modge podge. It's hanging in the dining room. I can't get in the attic so it's the only Halloween decoration...
bombertodd did you watch the original We are what we are or the US remake?
I hear ya.Glad to see it's getting some attention though. Next we need a high profile Ringling Bros doc.
Showing Saturday 11/2 @ 9PM EST on CNN.
You already had me sold on this one but now I have to make sure and squeeze it in. Looking forward to it.
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