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Yeah I thought the tripp-lite unit was a in wall connection. I'll probably just get the Panamax cheaper unit for $50 at this point.
In order to get a DVR with comcast you have to get a digital package, so the cheapest I can go with comcast is $85 a month not counting taxes. Where are the regulations!!! I'm thinking about getting this antenna. Hopefully it works, unfortunately my windows all face south. http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/Terk-...oductDetail.do
Wow is that ugly.
Are there any other cable providers avaible in Wilmington, DE? I can't get SAT service of any kind at my location because it's a condo, and would like to really avoid Comcass. Or is my only other option getting a good indoor HDTV antenna and praying?
Has anyone thought about using this? It's around 60 bucks and comes with a lifetime $10,000 equipment insurance? I'm planning on having an electricion install this on my wall for my TV. Tripp-Lite Isobar Surge Suppressor Model #: ULTRABLOK428 http://www.tripplite.com/products/pr...m?productID=94 After I have this installed, Am I breaking any code voilations by punching a hole in the wall and running 2 HDMI cables through the hole to the hole at the bottom of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by TyTimp Somebody needs to learn a little about resolution. :eek: I would saw I wasn't very impressed with the 1 BRD movie they had playing in there other than the demo disc. It was House of Flying Daggers and the transfer was horrible. Yes it was sharp because of the resolution, but that was about the only positive.
Yeah I was really surprised, I purposely brought in Spiderman and Ultraviolet. I brought in UV b/c their demo disc had scenes from that movie and I wanted to compare what the 1080P version looked like versus the SD version. I was tempted to just buy the thing plug it in while outside just to test it out then return it but thought maybe someone really wanted that TV and didn't want to have to make it an open box item just for that. I was tempted though.
Hey All, I went to a local Best Buy b/c they had the new Samsung LCD 42" LCD that's 1080P resolution hooked up to the TOSH HD-DVD player. I brought in a few SD dvds to sample it but was told that I couldn't because they can only play their approved content, which was just a loop DVD samsung had. Is this normal practice?
Just saw one at a local Tweeter in Wilmington, DE
What's Panasonics official return policy based on dead/stuck pixels? I can't find anything on their site that states this. I'm about to make the plunge for the exact same TV.
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