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Anyone else have a UPC that's in Spanish? I just picked up a PS3 yesterday from Costco. My UPC on the box was covered with white paper sticker. When I removed it, on top it says "POS BAR CODE" and underneath the upc number is "POUR UTILISATEUR". Next to this label there's a sticker with a "UC2" number and serial number. Do they need this too? I might send them both.
Is there a way to adjust the screen horizontal position? I have the 3416 and when watching HD 4:3 Shows and SD 4:3 aspect shows, the right side has a thin black bar before the vertical grey bars because the screen is to the left too much. When you pull up the quick channel guid by pressing the "ok / select" button you can clearly see that the menu is to the left about 1 inch too much. I'm pretty sure it's not the TV adjustments as i can change the position there, but...
193 Hours if you do the math, not 207. IR isn't my only concern during break-in but getting all of the phosphors to age evenly from the get go as my understanding is that the first few hundred hours they are more susceptable to aging unevenly. I actaully appreciate your opinion (not being sarcastic), you seem to really have lucked out. I wish I had the cash for 3 plasmas in 3 years, but I don't. Well I do, but I use it for other things. I'm sure it's only every 1 in...
OK, so after the 200 hour break in, I'm 7 hours away. Is it safe to watch DVDs that are wider than 16:9 aspect ratio, which has the black bars on top and bottom?
The Yellow tint on the white background is most like due to the Color Temperature set to warm, which is there lowest setting and gives the best results for darker viewing. If you set that to normal or high the whites will get brighter and the white will be pushed more to blue than yellow for the low color temp. The setting is in the Pro Adjust section.
It took 7 business days for the TV from placing the order to get to the delivery company in Delaware. Then I arrange to have it delivered 2 days after that.
The 26 Watts it takes while the TV is on standby seems really high. I wonder if that's because of the TV guide feature. It's actaully high enough that I'm considering actaully turnning off the unit with the power button rather than using standby.
Thats what I was told too. I've had my TV for a week now (157 hours so far). Gonna wait a month before tossing it. Most electronics will fail within the first month if there going to at all. It's a really big box though, doesn't look very pretty in my living room.
Peerless / Cheif makes good mounts. I got mine from racksandmounts.com
I've been going back and forth using the above settings for break-in. 40% of time on Discovery HD, 40% on my sony dvd player playing the burn-in dvd, and 20% Watching TV content making sure the screen is streatched. Seems to be working, havn't had any IR/Burnin.
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