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Is there a way for displaying images from the USB connection without the blue border? I formated some images at the natice resolution, but when I view them on the 5070 there's this blue border around the whole image, even in full screen mode.
Change your zip code for your tvguide to 00000.
Ghosting/Motion Blur, and the washed out look are the 2 reasons I decided agains't the Sony, or any of the LCDs that are 1080p native. You won't be disaapointed with the 5070. I havn't seen anything that I'm disappointed with yet on the TV.
OK I just measured, My face is exactly 6'2" from the middle of my screen. I don't see any SDE on HD or SD channels. Just switched from Food Network to Discovery HD and both looked great.
Thanks for the info d-nice. I'm using your std settings, is that ok for my break-in / burin in period if I'm mainly using the AVS Forum burn-in dvd for the first 200 hours? HDMI 720P Contrast 22 Brightness -1 Color -12 Tint 0 Sharpness -6
Hey All, Well I'm glad this thread is mainly very objective comments. I finally did decide on the Pioneer 5070. It was deliveryed and mounted on the Wall Wednesday. It's about 90 hours into the burn in dvd right now. I've also been watching HBO's Rome and Band of Brothers as there both 16:19 movies. I'm using D-Nice's settings right now and even with the lower contrast brightness, the flesh tones are freaking amazing. After several weeks of comparing the 2 models. ...
I believe the $5 charge for HD is because you can get any of the digital packages and not necessarily get HD signals because you don't have a HDTV.
I'm getting a buzzing sound too that's just as audible. I don't have the attached speakers so and my reciever is off so I know the sound is coming from the TV. I also notice the buzzing sound changes based on the lcolor it's showing from the master burn-in dvd. When it's showing a white screen the buzzing seems to be louder.
Also just to add to my above question Anyone else notice the buzz sound the the 5070 makes changes alittle based on the current color that the burn-in dvd is on?
Well I'm not sure what deal/promotion I just got with Comcast. But there giving me Digital Plus with the HD DVR and HD Feed for about $63 a month. I can upgrae to get 3 Premiumum Channels (HBO, Cinemax, Stars) for $15 more extra a month. I'm still debating whether to get that or not. This is probably the best deal I'm going to get with comcast right now correct?
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