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Well I just ordered the Pioneer 5070 from Costco. Can't wait to get it, shipping from Cali though so I'm not sure how long it's gonna take. I think I bought the last one too as the TV isn't showing up on their website now. Time to start reading the master burn in thread now.
So any update on getting the SATA connection to work to add an external HD for added capacity? 10 hours of HD recording blows.....
While some people are talking about comcast. Anyone know if what the exact model number is for the HD DVR Tuner box they give out in Philly/Wilmington Area? Specifically trying to figure out what the outputs are for audio/video so I can order my cables.
I just read the review from the link above. Thanks for the link. Looks like the Oppo is a kick a$$ player. I guess now I'm trying to decide, get the Oppo or get the Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD player and an upscaling DVD player. I've read the HD-A1 does a really good job upsampling SD DVDs. Twice the price though. :( I'll prob stick with the OPPO. BTW this will be feeding a Pioneer 5070. Anyone else have this setup?
Thanks for the replies guys. I'm glad to hear that the TV doesn't take that long to get delivered. Better order my wall mount now then. Originally I was gonna buy it and have it on the credenza for a bit, but I just decided to put my B&W 602's and Center speaker on the credezna to kinda make my own sound bar, so no more space for the tv. Hopefully I'll have the TV by next Monday then.
What's the best video output for the Comcast HD-DVR? Can you output to HDMI or does it use componet or DVI? I'm trying to buy all of the wires now.
Can someone explain 3:2 Pulldown vs 3:3 Pulldown that the Pioneers use in laymens terms.
"Main Menu AV Selection: User Contrast: 22 Brightness: -1 Color: -12 Tint: 0 Sharpness: -6 Pro Adjust Pure Cinema: ADV Color Detail Color Temp: Low CTI: Off NR DNR: Off MPEG NR: Low Make sure you turn the power save mode (in the options menu) to save2 **VERY important**"
I think the best way of look at it is, the Elite version can look exactly like the non elite version, but the Elite version will have more options b/c it has more tuning settings so the Elite version will be able to be adjusted that much more. I'm not sure about if you get both of the sets ISF calibrated.
[quote=a_ok2me]Well said. It's funny how for a TV you have to spend 2K extra to get adjustments that come with almost every computer monitor. I don't personally need the extra layer of fine tuning. I know some people do, for me it's a deminishing return on value but I understand the use for it, and the market for it. Very similar to having to pay 80K for a lux car with foot rest in the back seats compared to a 50K-60K car. I don't plan to use the included speakers so...
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