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No, you just need to accept that you can find people criticizing everything on the face of the earth on the Internet, without any relationship between the ability to find such criticisms and the reality of the situation. You need to rely on comparisons. Absent that, how could you know whether TiVo is anything other than the best? To be clear, they're not buggy. That's life. Again, what I told you before was to go find professional comparisons with the alternatives. ...
I couldn't imagine many folk who care about sound quality would care about the sound quality of a display.
What about it?Did you read the message you replied to? Don't try to defend your criticisms of the technology on such flimsy basis as the fact that sometimes risks don't pay off. That's inane.Of course, but you've been insinuating that they're wrong, or more likely to be wrong, this time; that's what I'm objecting to. I'm not saying that this risk is going to pay off. Not even the mighty Karnak could foresee things like that perfectly. However, what we can be sure of...
Normally, when a power supply is spec'ed for 120V-240V, the specifications in the user manual says so. The user manual for the C6900 says 120V. No indication there that it could handle 240V.
Do you really believe that manufacturers ramp-up production for a consumer product without having market research in-hand? Everything is a risk: People, even acting collectively as a society, are no absolutely predictable. But these days, it would be idiocy to invest in ramping up production without clear evidence that there shall very likely be a great return. Shareholders are not patient people, and are not forgiving in the slightest.
I think the more critical question is, "What's the difference between the C7000 and the C8000?" I could believe it is the True Black Filter; that matches my observations in-store. If it is something else that would explain that small improvement in PQ, then I could believe that as well. I'm not sure knowing what the difference is caused by, though, will make much difference to me.
I'm puzzled what reviews you could be referring to. I've never seen a professional review that compared the TiVo to other DVRs that said that TiVo was the one that was buggy. Huh? Hard drive are buggy, I suppose you could say, but all DVRs have hard drives. What's the issue?
No, but I'm sorry that you're upset regardless.
What to believe... :shrug:
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