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What to believe.
I wonder who would spend the money to gather such reconnaissance... I wonder who's actions we could watch to gain our own best insights into what those folks learn from such reconnaissance...
I'm also pretty close to about 100 feet above sea level. Are the buzzers generally at higher altitudes?
Indeed. There are problems with every television -- with everything, for that matter -- some seemingly perfect things failing because they exact an over-the-top price for the value provided. It's all a matter of keeping things in perspective.
I'm pretty sure someone earlier in the thread projected that perhaps the sets that don't buzz are the ones connected to a power conditioner of some sort.
Maybe it comes down to the electrical system used in certain areas in the US. Stranger things have happened.
I think you're either misreading or reading too much into the message you're replying to. Otherwise, I cannot under why you cannot comprehend that a point can stand on its own, without it having to be related to something else. I don't mind you arguing with what I say... I invite it. But I do insist that if you are going to argue, that you do indeed argue with what I say, not with something easier to argue against. To be clear, there are two points in the message you...
And only the C8000 has the True Black Filter.
And for full disclosure, the last SA8300 I worked with was in New Egypt NJ, about a year ag. Perhaps things have changed since then, but the UI reminded me of some 8-bit personal computers. I'm sure that's hyperbole. I haven't read of a single DVR that didn't provide the basic feature of offering the ability to scheduled recordings from a program guide. Other features may or may not be available. Sorry that my earlier reply was so pithy in this regard -- I was getting...
Yes, good point. It is very clear that online discussion participants generally flock to opportunities to participate in floggings, without any relationship to normalization or accurate depiction of broad-based consumer sentiment. Really, the only time you can be sure you're getting an honest answer from a consumer is when they're spending money to express their answer. Talk is cheap; what what people do, instead (and in the case of consumer electronics, that means...
New Posts  All Forums: