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If customers don't buy the sets, at a price that makes it worthwhile for CE manufacturers to invest in offering that technology, then we deserve not to have it available to us.
You're quoting a really ridiculous source afaic. Comcast does have the technology to deploy 150 HD channels. They have not said when they planned on widely deploying that technology. They still have not said that they will be widely deploying the technology this year. But I'm sure some folks will find a way to gloss over that fact and "remember" Comcast having said that they were going to do so.
No buzz, and not banding, here.
Between the screwed up way that their queue works with sets of discs, the crappy way my concern about that was treated, the surcharge for Total Access, the overall second-ratedness of their website ui, and now an inexplicable delay in shipping my next "Available" discs, I am canceling my Blockbuster account at the end of my service-month and switching back to Netflix. I simply cannot justify supporting a company like Blockbuster that is doing such a pathetic job servicing...
Well my point (if you were replying to my message) was that they're not, i.e., that, "There is a long way down products in this space can go." These are the good boxes, reflections of the first generation of consumer-level HD DVRs... the crap rolls in after more of an extended time where consumers under-support quality and over-support cheapness. I think the DCX boxes qualify as second generation, but fwir, they've been of quality comparable to the DCT/DCH boxes, so...
What Lodef was referring to was the fact that most folks have been reporting that if they had enjoyed an ostensibly "new customer" discount for a year or more, already, they were required to add new services to continue to get such a discount. As Ken pointed out, I didn't want to upgrade. However, if you didn't have all the services, Ken, and still was able to get a new customer discount for the services you did have, without upgrading at all, then Lodef may have...
This is actually horrendously misleading. Verizon has been doing the comparable technical work for a few decades. If you're talking about boots-on-the-ground, then I'm sure you'll admit that DirecTV hires new people all the time, and so does FiOS, many of whom they hire away from other folks who have been doing this for decades. The technician corps is liquid; DirecTV doesn't have a lock on experienced resources. So where FiOS might be a little underpowered is...
I read yesterday that Comcast recently listed the TiVo SD, HD and Premiere as 3D-compatible.
He could be exchanging for a new set that is much more of a buzzer.
Don't set yourself up for a shock. There is a long way down products in this space can go. We have a lot to lose ourselves. I keep coming back to memories of just how incredibly crappy VHS players eventually became.
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