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Similar articles, in the past, had outlined the high costs associated with purchasing HDTVs.
The frame around the 8000 is not silver. It's a brushed metal, grayish. They call it Titanium.
If you read the article you quoted, you'll see that it supports the point I made. If you disagree then I'm not sure I can explain it to you any better than I have tried, and that the article has.
No you're biasing the results to try to prove your point. The difference in price between a great 2D screen and a 3D-compatible screen is a few hundred dollars at most. I know, because I just bought one. beyond that, the additional items are normalized. The issue is only whether 3D-compatible televisions and Blu-ray players are in the field; not whether people have the glasses necessary to use them. Given how HD penetration has going from, as you pointed out, from 0...
I was going to ask him to please stop derailing this thread because reasonable people are disagreeing with him. And to the topic at hand: I've got two empty slots in my queue with Blockbuster, with loads of "available" titles in my queue. I don't recall ever having slots open like this with Netflix, and I also don't recall Netflix skipping over "Available" titles in my queue as much as Blockbuster has, giving me discs from lower in my queue instead.
And I don't like leaving switched on, while I'm not home, a piece of equipment that has in its manual significant warning about allowing enough room around the device for heat dissipation.
This is a critical point: The alternative HDTVs mentioned all would have cost more substantially more than what I was able to get my PN58C8000 for.
So that's two votes for not breaking in the set. Anyone else care to put in a vote?
Only if you're willing to look beyond your own personal preferences.
You're assuming that the person already has an HDTV. It's not an outrageous assumption these days, and as time goes on (an this is the point) more and more of the sets out there will be 3D-compatible, and so eventually it could get to the point where your analysis would change, to factor in that folks would not need a new HD monitor, because the one that they have happens to be 3D-compatible. That's part of the nature of transition.
New Posts  All Forums: