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I got an email from SVS and I they told me that the company will "pay" $75 for the shipping on the states, that being said I still have to pay $225 for it to ship to Puerto Rico via UPS. Well it sucks but HSU wants to charge $300+ for the MK4 and emotiva around $200 for a Xref-12 which is a smaller and lighter sub.....EDIT: They send me a second email telling me that they mistaken the quote and that the actual shipping is $460 I'm willing to pay around $200 even if...
I was at -18 on my RX-V1800 but the movie invited me to go higher
Yamaha YST-SW315 Amazon list price is $299
Good to know that the sub delivers. I'm looking more and more on this sub for my 14x14x9 with opening to the dinning room( ~3780 Cubic ft). If the ultra 12 did well in a 4500 cubic ft (audioholics test room) I wonder how this one will perform in a smaller area.
I didn't know I had a neighbor on this forum. I met someone form Bayamon once but never from Aguadilla, I live in Aguada. I E-mailed Emotiva to get an X-ref12 and they want to charge $180 via FedEX that's way to much I know FedEx is expensive to ship here but c'mon. I still have time to negotiate the shipping cost with them.
I think they are part of this system...http://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio...03/?mode=model and bet they sound really good, Yamaha has great sounding speakers.
IMO this Thread should be re-named "Emotiva X-Ref subwoofer series" or something similar.
Let us know how it performs.
Just ordered the "Cory Piano polish". I emailed a Yamaha representative about using this for my piano black Yamaha NS-555's,NS-333's and NS-C444 and he said that if the product is intended for pianos it should be ok. Now is there a method to use this or it's just apply and remove? thanks for the reply guys.
I wonder if anyone have use this or something similar to clean and/or polish their high gloss speakers or subs. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cory-Super-H...#ht_500wt_1081
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