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well Audioholics review of the ultra 12 was made in a 4800 cubic feet listening area including an open adjacent room. Is not a huge room but is no small room either. I'm too interested in some user and pro reviews for X-ref series as I'm looking at the X-Ref12 for my ~3900 cubic feet listening space(including opening to another room)
I can always buy one X-ref 12 and see how it stands out...then decide to keep it or use the 30 Day return policy. Another thing: is it a "sin" to combine a ported sub with a sealed one? e.g. my YST-SW315 with the X-ref 12.
Thanks Jim I still have time to decide, but the input is very welcome so I can do more research.... one option I was previously thinking about was to stay with my ported 10" Yamaha YST-SW315 and add another one
Concrete floor all around (tile) and I will be seating around 10-12ft from the sub.
I know I'm not being objective but my vote goes to the NS-555 which I have and really like... looks & sound quality.
If I measure both it would be more like 14x30
I wonder if the X-ref 12 might be enough for my (when the house is finish) 14x14 living room with 9ft ceiling and also opens to the dining room. I'm looking for a "beefy" movie/music sub moderate in size without getting a second mortgage.
Thanks for the reply guys! I'm going to spend some time with it to see what I can get out of this still great unit
MY YPAO settings are back to factory defaults on my 1800...I don't know if it has to do with the power outages from "Irene" but the power was out only for a day and if I'm not mistaken the manual says that the system memory will store settings for up to 30 days if the unit is unplugged. Could it be for the power fluctuations during the storm days? (no power conditioner...yet) anyone experience this on any yamaha unit? thanks in advance!
Quote: Originally Posted by slyderulz Awwww man, you've got an Asus Xonar Xense sound card. How do you like it? I so want to get one of those but I'm not going to pay $300 for it right now because it only comes bundled with a pair of PC350s, I just want the card. The card is better than I expected, it has all the features of the Xonar Essence + 7.1 analog output which IMO is very handy. Basically for ~$90 more you get a pair of PC350's that I...
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