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Quote: Originally Posted by alexg75 Do you have a Re-Eq or THX mode available? If you do, try switching either one on, it will make a difference. I do have THX and I always leave it on.
Quote: Originally Posted by Geoff D Have you got the LOTR:EE Blu-rays? They also have discrete 6.1 DTS-HD audio. I've heard that folks with Pioneer amps had the same problem (no back surrounds) with those too. Is this the case with Pioneer receivers or specific ones? I'm using a Pioneer Elite SC-05, running in 7.2, and I'm getting plenty of surround back activity on the first 5 SW films. I haven't watched Jedi yet.
There is absolutely NO WAY that Sith's audio is better than either TPM or AOTC!!!! If I had to grade the audio for the PT, Menace and Clones would both get 5's hands down, with ROTS getting a generous 4/5. I just watched Empire and that sounded just as good as ROTS. I think every site reviewing these are smoking the same thing, for giving ROTS the highest marks in sound and even calling it reference. I beg to differ, but that's just my opinion.
That would be my guess, since it seems to be happening with TPM only and not anything else. Did you try another SW movie?
What configuration are you running your system(5.1, 6.1, 7.1)? On my Pioneer, there's an option to switch off the back surrounds if it's set up as 6.1/7.1 and you only want to run 5.1.. Check and see if you have that option and make sure the surround backs are switched on.
Just started ANH. Am I the only one who found the sound to be a bit harsh, at the beginning when the stormtroopers boarded the blockade runner? I had to turn it down because it was so bright. The music got buried beneath the blaster fire as well.
I'm about halfway through ROTS right now, with audio at the same level that I listened to Menace and Clones at...... -15 on a Pioneer SC-05. Every channel IS used, but the mix for ROTS just lacks weight and envelopment in the effects, particularly in the surrounds. Except for the occasional leak out into other speakers, the lightsabers are mostly anchored to the center channel.
Rydstrom left Skywalker before work on the 2004 Dvd's began. Burtt was involved, but I'm not sure he was mixing. I could have sworn it was Tom Myers ( mixed ROTS) that mixed the Dvd's but I could be wrong. The mixes for those 4 movies did sound similar in design.
Finished Menace and Clones. The audio is flat out spectacular! I threw in ROTS for few minutes and yep, the audio on that one is exactly how I remembered it - underwhelming, especially coming off a double-feature of Episodes 1 and 2. There is bass, and there is surround activity, but they aren't used nearly as effectively. I just can't see how anyone can rate Sith's mix as reference. It's FAR from it.
Gary Rydstrom. That IS the reason why the mix for Revenge of the Sith is underwhelming, compared to Menace and Clones. It wasn't a theater problem, the DVD or isn't the blu-ray. He is the god of sound mixing and he did mix TPM and AOTC. His mixes made your ears hurt in a good way! Rydstrom left Skywalker Sound in 2003 to go work at Pixar as a director, so that meant a new mixer for ROTS. I might be wrong, but Sith was the only SW film to NOT get an Oscar nomination in...
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