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I was not talking about the velveteen you used to cover your screen frame. I was talking about a different kind of fabric/material that will allow me to make a bigger screen. I know Goo Systems makes some kind of fansy paint that generates a high quality picture, but it costs about $400. And I don't like painting that much. I want a screen that is 120". Thanks.
I tested both sides of the Poly wall panel and the textured side for some reason generates a much better picture. Thus, I'm going to use the textured side. Briefly, this was my set up: Panasonic S52 upconverting DVD player(HDMI) and Panasonic 900U(HDMI). I'll post some pics probably tomorrow. How did you find the wall studs? I'm probably going to buy a stud finder at Walmart tomorrow. Eventually I want to build a 120" screen, so please let me know if there's any kind...
I'm Irving, TX. A couple of minutes from the Cowboys training facility. I got the same floor standing speakers you got. How do you like them so far? I have not used mine yet. I'm waiting for my Pioneer Elite 81 receiver to arrive in about a week. I have a Panny 900U. Thanks for your help.
I think I'm going to use the rough side. I just noticed that the smooth side does not have the same color throughout. Approximately, six inches from the top and bottom, the color is slightly brighter than the rest of the panel. I'm not sure why. It's hard to see it if you stand in front of it, but if you see it from the side against a light source, you can clearly see it. I will test it any way. how did you attach the Poly wall panel to the frame? Did you glue it or staple...
I just went to Lowe's and got me a Poly wall panel today. They had about 60 sheets available. Which side of the sheet generates the best picture? The rough or the smooth side? I'm about to build the frame right now. Thanks.
if you guys don't mind, please educate me about the different gain parameters. I have a Panny 900U. I want to get a 134" fixed frame screen, but don't know what "gain" I need. I thought gain 1.0 or 1.2 was good enough. Thanks,
which screen did you get?
Quote: Originally Posted by MandM And you need HDMI why? I need HDMI to connect it to my PJ. I've already purchased the HDMI cable.
Has anybody purchased an LG LH-E9674 home theater? It currently costs about $500. I like it because it has HDMI and I think it'll go perfect with my Panny 900U. I was unable to find any reviews online. What other HTIB can I buy with HDMI that will be ideal for my Panny 900U?
Why didn't you get a fixed frame screen?
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