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So I picked up my 2 Disc Copy yesterday at the Disney Store...but it was in a DVD case? The 3D version was in the normal case, seems kind of odd. I preordered Cars 2 while I was there but if it's going to be in a DVD case again, I might just go back to another store.
For those who enjoy preorder goodies, you get 3 really nice lithographs if you preorder from the Disney retail store. I know you can get the BR cheaper online but I couldn't pass it up.
I'm looking forward to picking up my copy next week.
Wow, that briefcase edition is awesome! I picked up my copy from Target earlier. I'm looking forward to watching it tonight for the first time.
I preordered this a few weeks after I saw it in theater so I can't wait.
Looking forward to this next week... I preordered a few months ago off amazon for $16 so I'm pretty happy with that deal. Can you find it any cheaper in store after rebate?
Beautiful...I picked up my copy this morning, can't wait to watch it.
I just picked up my copy...hopefully my Samsung won't have any issues with it tonight. I can always use the PS3 as back-up though.
I just finished watching Toy Story, Picture and Audio was excellent. I never noticed the tool box with the "Bindford Tools" logo till now.
Wow, a perfect score. I can't wait to pick 1 & 2 up next week.
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