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The previous design I was looking at " HL-S4666W" the other 46" with the older design (floating) dosen't seem any different in specs from looking at their site. (correct me if I'm wrong, sorry)
Yes I know that :confused: I'm just wondering if this newer model has improved from the last besides the slimmer design.
I had this problem recently with my Sammy 50" DLP...I didnt want to go through the trouble so I just took it back to the store.
I've been trying to decide on a new set and I've been going back and forth with DLP and Plasma. I'm thinking of sticking with DLP (loved my 50" Sammy DLP till problems occured). I was just at CC today and saw the new HL-S4676S. What does everyone think of this model? It seems fairly new so I haven't been able to find any reviews on it. Is there a big difference in quality between this year and the last? Thanks :cool:
Hey everyone, I'm recently had to return my DLP because of issues so I'm about to buy the 42" Panasonic (TH-42PX6U). My main use for this TV will be for watching TV and gaming. Is there any known issues of lag with this set? (using it for 360) Would I be better off with the Sammy HPS4233?
Hey everyone, I just recently returned my DLP because of issues with it so I'm looking to buy a plasma. I was looking into these two 42" HDTV's and wanted to know what everyone thinks of these two? My main use for this will be watching movies and gaming.
I bought the HL-S5065W about 2 weeks ago and I'm really happy with is so far. I made the switch from a 37" Sammy LCD. I'm using a upconvert DVD player atm connected through HDMI and DVD's look good as well as the 360 with component. This is coming from a comparison of my previous LCD but the color and the picture overall just looks so much better on a DLP. Also, I don't have HD cable atm but SD does look decent on it.
I picked this up yesterday and hooked everything up including my 360. Games look great on it so far (Obliviion, GRAW) and the DVD picture looks good also. :)
bump :)
http://www.samsclub.com/shopping/nav...2&pCatg=5885#A I'm planing to purchase this from Sam's Club tommorow, I was wondering what everyone thinks of this set and your experience with it. I'm plan on using it for gaming and DVDs. Thanks
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