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It seems a chunk of my HD channels on Knology are just black and two or three are jittery. After calling support he rebooted the box and sent something to it but the issue remains and said a tech would have to come out. Anybody know if this could be because of a signal strength from one day to the next? I mean HDNET worked before and now it is busted. I am guessing it is just me having this issue? Over half my HD channels work great and I can watch the same...
Hi guys I am pretty new here. Just got my HX909 a month or so ago. Tried taking some pics tonight of a bluray and I am not sure if I need to tweak my settings, but my pics have these tube shapes in them. I don't know if the TV has light guides in it or what but it is kindof strange looking. I took the pics in a pretty black room, my settings are how it came out of the box. Ooops, it looks like it was the vibration reduction causing the strange patterns. I am...
I believe that Cohen's Electronics "carries" Anthem. Not sure if they will have it in stock, on the floor for demo, or have to order it. I called last week for a new Integra DHC-40.2 pre/pro and they didn't have any on the floor or in stock.
zeromothra: Did you have the ambient sensor on for your test?
As much as I wanted to go with separates this time, I am leaning toward the DTR. I don't currently have an amp (was going to pick up a TA-n9000es on ebay) so I think the DTR is a better move and also happens to be cheaper. That can go towards replacing my aging bulky speakers with maybe some new Def Tech STS towers. Think I will stop by my local shop and see if they have a DTR-40.2 in stock or on the floor.
Hi guys, facing the same question. I am looking at replacing my old Sony ES receiver and was interested in the DHC-40.2, but I too am confused why it is more expensive than the receiver.
Hi guys, just got my 52" on Friday. It is a nice replacement for my green blob infected SXRD. I haven't delved into all the settings yet, but it looks pretty great.
It got my 52HX909 unit Friday. It looks fantastic. A little glare due to the gloss screen but it isn't too bad. Picture is amazing. Thanks for all the help with who to contact and how to get an XBR as an option for me to buy.
I was able to email Sony Listens and Sarah offered me the XBR-52HX909 which is what I wanted. It was $1052 versus the price you stated, but I accepted and gave them my card info and now all I have to do is send in the picture and my serial tag. Thanks for the help guys, I am not really sure why the difference in price, but I was able to get the Sony I wanted.
I posted up on the "I have a defective Sony tv" hoping to get some help. Any other people on facebook or elsewhere I need to look into? Thanks for the help guys. I really appreciate it.
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