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Should I go with Tilt or Fixed? It will be at eye level from couch so Tilt is not important. Unfortunately my problem might be bending the HDMI Cables so they are not noticeable on side. They're 10' CL2 so are a little thicker.
Please recommend me a wall mount for my 65ZT60, if it takes three studs even better!
That was my experienced trying to negotiate for the last 65ZT60 at Magnolia, two calls came in the 10 minutes I was trying to get freebies, lower price...etc. When the second call came in, I just said "Screw it" Paid $3199.Check Pacific Sales stand alone stores, they still have them, both demo and a NIB here and there.
I will only have PS4/PS3 & DirecTV Genie connected both with HDMI. What settings should I used on those two to experience best picture and no lip sync lag? Running DNice Slides now.... Hard to contained myself from watching tv. Yesterday in my excitement I watch a few minutes of Pixar Movies,Avatar and the whole Skyfall movie. I loved my Panasonic TH-50PX80, even 720P it was much better than the Samsung LN-52A750 I bought a few months later. Feels good to have Panasonic...
Does anyone know if there is still an offer to receive a free Pen with the purchase of the 65ZT60? Thanks
Thank you, that's what I was looking for. Something that would grab 3 studs. I shudder at the thought of holding my precious new acquisition with only two studs!Thanks
I checked the Sound & Vision settings, my question is how do you put "Professional 2" I don't even see that option, only custom.
When I picked up mine yesterday, they asked me what was I going to do with box and they would send a truck to pick it up if I would give it to them? They a demo 65ZT60 bubble wrap that was sold and had to be shipped.
Any recommendation for a good FIXED wallmount for my 65ZT60?
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