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I'm pretty sure it has difficulty sliders for various things.
He's talking about the hold music when you are calling Sony support. It certainly does not provide the calming influence most companies shoot for. I had an unpleasant experience with Sony customer service recently; perhaps it was all just because I was fired up and angry due to the hold music
Just curious how many other folks have continued to have issues with the save game files on Minecraft PS3? It appears this issue has been documented since the game came out, yet no patch has addressed it. I'm probably not going to play anymore until it's fixed. I've had enough frustration working many hours in a world only to have the save file get corrupted. Has anyone heard about an upcoming patch for this issue?
Does this have 2 player local coop?
Also, you get $3 off for preordering 2 of the following, $6 off for preordering 3 off the following, and $10 off for preordering all 4: Stealth Inc ($7.99 PS+, release date 7/23) Cloudberry Kingdom ($7.99 PS+, release date 7/30) ibb & obb ($7.99 PS+, release date 8/06) Ducktails Remastered ($11.99 PS+, release date 8/13) Will be picking up ibb & obb to play with the wife, and am also considering Cloudberry for the same reason. Anyone have any reason to believe either...
Whoops, my bad. Looks like the PS3 version is $29.65.
Borderlands 2 ($19.99) or Borderlands 2 with season pass ($24.99) on Amazon today
Dead Space 3 for $39.99 on Amazon today only. Also, other video game lightning deals throughout the day.
Foosball 2012 and 75% off 13 games (including LBP Karting and Tiger Woods 13 to name a few)
Looks like a video game day on Amazon's Lightning Deals. All day long - Far Cry 3 for $34.99 and various other offers throughout the day. And I may have to bite on LBP Karting for $10....
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