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Can someone help me find some Calibration Settings for my new Samsung UN55B7100? Thank you so much in advance! -Mark
thanks for your response.. man that sucks, i need a remote to play my dvds.. why even have a play button on the dvd player? crazy! thanks again
any help please?
I'm trying to play my Blu Ray DVDs on my Sony BDP-S300 but I don't have a remote. For some reason it's stuck at the menu and can't play the movie, even by pressing "PLAY" on the dvd player.. Any assistance would be great? Thanks in advance!
What if my budget was $2,000. ??? any thoughts?
thanks for the response.. i'll look into the links you guys/gals gave me.. thanks you.. didn't mean to stir up the forum... sorry!
I have wooden floors and i don't have any boohshelves or bookcases... i'm looking for some nice speakers.. similar to this:http://reviews.cnet.com/surround-spe...in;contentBody but not too pricey.. EDIT: how bout around $2,000.00 ??? Thank you so much in advance! -Mark
Hi everyone.. just the top of your head, what do you feel is the best receiver for $300-$500 range.. Thanks so much!!
can someone point me somewhere... i've done a search but couldn't find what i was looking for... thanks
i bought this: http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/Polk-...=k32998&mid=&= Polk audio system 5.1 channel for $199 during black friday.. i was in a rush and forgot to add a nice receiver with it.. do you guys have any suggestions? I saw some nice Onkyo Receivers... but i just want to make sure i get the best bang for my $$$.. i'm looking in between $100-$300. Thanks soooo much in advance.. Happy Holidays!!
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