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As far as I understand, the Extra Innings package offered to cable service providers is limited to 2 HD channels (of which we have 1). Only D* is allowed to carry so many Extra Innings games in HD. So in short, I don't believe this is a Comcast issue (besides not having GAMEHD2). If I am mistaken, hopefully someone will follow up with better info.
Remember over the past month or so those of us with criticisms were constantly reminded that there were still "5 hours left", "4 hours left", "2.5 hours left" and we should wait until the end to see how things were explained? But now its "the finale on the dvd/BD set will have an extra 20 minutes of 'answer' stuff" and "the commentaries on a bunch of episodes will explain a lot". Maybe on the dvd/BD set there will be ads for an official Lost explanation book written...
1 - good question 2 - I wondered the same thing 3 - Widmore put the C4 on the plane, Locke took it off the plane to blow up the sub.
Its certainly not just you.
Interesting. Except the Island seemed rather intact at the bottom, Dharmaville looked simply wet. And something floating couldn't contain a volcano. Plus, if someone pulled the cork on the ALTisland, MiB would have escaped and everyone would be dead. Wait a minute...
Ben and his father remembered, as they discussed their time on it. The how and when of the Island's demise in the ALT world is just something else we'll never know. Since Island's can't sink, especially in the few amount of years from when the Linus's left, one can only assume it was similarly 'special' in the ALT world, it was just never visited by the 815 folk among others.
I've read most of the posts since the finale, and I don't think I have anything original to add (nor the time to quote all the similar posts or the memory to give credit where credit is due, my apologies), but here is a summation of how I feel about it all (unfortunately not likely organized well, again my apologies). - My love of Lost waned over the past couple seasons, and I found the finale to be right in line with what the show had become. A fitting season finale,...
So I was misremembering, my apologies. I'm still pretty sure I haven't had any HGH injected in my ass, though.
We've seen lots of eyes open. The last scene could be one closing. MiB's? Jack as he dies failing to save the world?
About Widmore (with possible misremembering on my part): Ben had him banished from the Island when he was the leader of the Others. Most of the series we were led to believe he just wanted to re-assume leadership of the Others and his position of power on the Island (the whole "I'll get back what you took from me"/hiring mercenaries to kill Ben agenda). But now when he finally does get back to the Island, his motivation is too kill Mib/save the world. Did he learn of...
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