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touche. my logic is seriously flawed.
I'm as big a fan of Survivor as anyone, have watched all the seasons. But last night was the perfect example of everything that is wrong with the show (or even other similar shows). The people who can actually win are too focused on eliminating each other. I'm not saying that isn't a good strategy, but it makes for much less compelling tv. Going forward, this season would have been much more entertaining to watch with Rob, Stephanie and Tom still around as opposed to...
Whatever intentions Smokey has with the candidates, it can't be they serve a physical purpose in freeing him. Otherwise a 100 years ago or whatever when he was trying to leave he'd have known it was impossible, because all 108 names in the cave weren't on the island for him to round up. It is likely more simple. For him to leave he needs Jacob dead, and any potential Jacob replacement that is also on the island. He is aware there are 6 such candidates on the island, a...
Last time I checked GAMEHD2 had not been added where I am (a little south of Boston). I've had EI for the past 4 or 5 years and every year I say I'm not going to get it again. Adding the second HD channel would likely end the debate for this year.
Just last month in his statement Tiger said he wasn't sure when he would return to golf, and wasn't even sure if it would be this year. Amazingly, just a few weeks later, he knows he'll be back and it's only in 2 or 3 weeks. How much more proof do we need this guy is a total fraud and nothing that comes out of his mouth is the truth?
I agree with others that this is an intriguing thought, but I hope it is not correct. In the original timeline the characters in general were much more (choose one/all?) troubled/darker/cursed/damaged/etc. In the sideflashes there is a sense of redemption (even as it would be unknown)/self-improvement/growth. I would like to think their ultimate role in helping preserve the Island/good side is rewarded in a better go of it the second time they live their lives. I guess...
Yes, I stand corrected. I misread.
I'd say a team that finishes 3rd in a BCS conference deserves a bowl. I'd like to know which bowl(s) these slotted teams went to previously, and what those bowls will now have in their place. Or is this new bowl game simply replacing one that will no longer exist?
eh, nobody's perfect. I've made peace with my shortcomings.
When MiBLocke was outside the Temple at the end surveying who went with him, it reminded me of a scene in the jungle a couple seasons back where everyone chose sides, Jack or Locke. Some thought Locke was crazy (Rose said something like 'I'm not going anywhere with that man') but Sawyer went with him 'doing what I always do...surviving'. Also reminiscent of choosing to live in the caves or at the beach. The recurrence of certain themes and their different applications...
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