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Ok, thanks for the advice.
Thanks for the info, another question, I've seen some pictures of the HVR-2250 and it has two coaxial connectors, one for cable and one for antenna right? I'm asking you this because the HVR-1850 says that you can plug the antenna in one connector and the cable in the other one so what I wanna know is if this applies to the HVR-2250 in other words the second connector is used for ATSC/over the air NTSC or is used just for radio?
I've been looking for a combo card and this two ones seems to be the ones I've been looking for but I would like to know what's the difference between those cards (other than Hardware MPEG-2) and I also wonder if MPEG-2 in hardware is useful?
So in other words those devices are prohibited in the US?
Hi guys I'm wondering if those Set Top Boxes use CableCard or what they use?
Here in my country in central america we only have Sky so my question is if any DVB-S2 will work with Sky or it needs to be an special one?
Thanks for the link, I've tested with my toslink and I think I'll go back to 5.1 Discreet conections all the high quality audio is there.
I see I would like to buy one of this devices pre-assembled if not I think I will end buying an USB dongle.
I got a computer with integrated audio (Intel DP45SG), it has the option of Dolby Digital Live but I cannot activate it, its grayed out, so I contacted intel and they told me that my receiver have to activate it not the sound card, so now my question is do the receiver needs to have Dolby Digital Live or just Dolby Digital in order to use it?
I'm trying to find one of those devices too but they seem to not be available anymore in e stores.
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