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So we already have 1080p media player and 3D medial player but we have not had any 4K media player. Is there any news on an upcoming 4K media player?...at least one that upconvert to 4K.
This topic is for people who have seen this movie. I was looking forward to seeing this movie and I left the theater feeling that they did a bad job with this movie. 1. The worst part of the movie is the character Mandarin. First, Mandarin is supposed to look Asian. He is supposed to be half Chinese and half English and he should look more Asian. In the movie, he looks and portrayed more like a Middle Eastern terrorist. Even the word "Mandarin" suggests an Asian...
Where is the best site to buy this player? I am in the USA. Thanks.
Beautiful theater. My inspiration. I have a question. You are using acoustic transparent screen yet you put your front and center speakers outside the screen. Isn't the purpose of having the transparent screen is to be able to put the speakers behind the screen?
The room that I plan on building a theater room is small so I plan on doing in-wall speakers. I wonder how good are these in-wall speakers. I don't see any reviews on them.
Good info thread
How do I convert over-under 3D content to Side-by-side 3D ? Thanks.
Maybe he should have pull his teeth out and put it in the corpse to make it more believable. Blood???? Really??? So the guy who received the Dr's blood would not have his own blood left in his body. Would his own blood be replaced completely by just a few minutes of blood transfusion? Ha ha ha....that is a good one.Anyway, we are talking about a comic book movie so credibility is usually out the window. However, it does make you think of why they would go through all...
For those who have already seen this movie, I am curious about a few things. I only watched it once so I may have missed out a few info. 1. At the beginning when Bane was trying to get the nuclear physicist out of the plane, what was the purpose of the blood transfusion ? 2. Why was Bruce Wayne using a cane and can barely walk? The doctor looked at his x-ray and said something about it but I missed it. If his knees were bad (degenerative disease), how can he recover...
I'll be right back....let me check my lotto ticket.
New Posts  All Forums: